Value-added squid

Value-added squid

Value-added squid products are enhanced or improved products that offer more value to the consumer, usually through convenience, flavor, or nutritional content. Here, we have a variety of innovative and flavorful squid products designed to cater to diverse taste preferences.

1. Salt and Pepper Squid Chips
- **Description:** These are crispy, flavorful squid chips seasoned with salt and pepper.
- **Flavor Profile:** Savory with a balanced blend of saltiness and peppery kick.
- **Serving Suggestions:** Great as a snack or appetizer, can be served with a variety of dipping sauces.

2. Salt and Pepper Squid rolls
- **Description:** Squid cut into rolls and seasoned with salt and pepper.
- **Flavor Profile:** A harmonious blend of salt and pepper enhances the natural sweetness of the squid.
- **Serving Suggestions:** Ideal as a starter or side dish, pairs well with a light salad and dipping sauce.

3. Chilli and Lime Squid Chips
- **Description:** Squid chips infused with the tangy flavor of lime and the spicy kick of chili.
- **Flavor Profile:** Zesty and spicy, offering a tantalizing contrast of flavors.
- **Serving Suggestions:** Serve as a snack or appetizer with a cooling dip to balance the heat.

4. Panko Crumbed Squid Rings
- **Description:** Squid rings coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs.
- **Flavor Profile:** Crunchy and mild, with the panko providing a delightful texture contrast.
- **Serving Suggestions:** Excellent as a main or shared appetizer, accompanied by tartar sauce or aioli.

5. Peri Peri Flavor Squid Rings
- **Description:** Squid rings seasoned with spicy and tangy peri peri flavor.
- **Flavor Profile:** Bold and spicy with a hint of citrus.
- **Serving Suggestions:** Ideal for those who enjoy spicy food, serve with a side of creamy dip to soothe the palate.

Nutritional Value:
Squid is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, including Vitamin B12, iodine, and zinc. However, the addition of seasonings and coatings may increase the sodium and calorie content, so it is advisable to consume in moderation.

- Opt for baking or grilling instead of frying for a healthier alternative.
- Pair with fresh vegetables or a light salad to balance the richness of the flavors.
- Experiment with different dips and sauces to enhance the dining experience.

Value-added squid products offer a delightful array of flavors and textures, making them a versatile and enjoyable option for seafood lovers. Whether you prefer the classic salt and pepper seasoning or crave something spicier like peri peri, there is a squid product to satisfy every palate.