About Us

HK Grace Food CO., LTD is a leading supplier of frozen seafood to global customers. We offer a variety of species to our clients, including; fin fish, shellfish, mollusks, and specialty seafood, including seaweed, dumplings, seasoning octopus, and seafood mix.

Our business has established a valuable relationship with honest, high-quality, committed suppliers. With our equipped testing facilities and ability to adhere to stringent quality, you can be assured of the best products.

We offer customers from North America, the Pacific, the US, and Australia, among other regions, the freedom of selection. On the Seafood Bundle section of our website, you can buy mixed cartons of seafood in one category, such as the Argentina squid, Pacificus squid, or the Gigas squid. You can also purchase various products of one species, such as the tail, fillet, loin, or portion.

Why HK Grace Food CO. LTD

We are committed to supplying fresh and high-quality seafood. Our business philosophy advocates for a customer-first and people-oriented business approach. We provide all our customers with cost-effective seafood products and are leading in establishing an adequate food supply chain.

Our full commitment at HK Grace Food Co. LTD is to ensure all local and global customers have high-end products at a competitive price. You have a wide selection of products you can select from our Seafood bundle section.